criticism note of the documentary Raving Iran

Recently one documentary came up named raving Iran. this movie was full of inaccuracies and lies about Iranian society. so i decided to write some notes about that:


It is productive to criticise challenges faced by society. But it is a devilment to use emotions and lies to portray a world full of dangers and restrictions.

We all know that there are certain limitations in Iran which need to be revised and to be changed or corrected. But in reality, we also know that many composers and singers are able to gain permission from the Iranian ministry of culture to publish their work and sell their art. We know of Asghar Farhadi’s movie which was about a taboo in Iran (rape). He obtained permission to screen in Iranian cinemas and subsequently his movie received an international Oscar award for his last movie name ‘salesman’ this year.

‘Raving Iran’ was not a documentary or a movie. It was a clever attempt by one person, not because of artistic freedom, but because she was searching for success in her carrier. During this film we see the camera filming people without their permission which is an obvious privacy violation. This showed an element of hypocrisy between what the director wanted to show (privacy violation in Iran) and her act  of filming without permission.

I am not an expert in Techno music. But if the side-effects of this music are drug consumption and risky sexual behaviors, it may require banning or restriction.

The two main characters in the production appeared to be tools in the director’s hand, used to tell her fabricated story.

On reading the background of Susanne Regina Meures (director), she hadn’t visited Iran before making her film and she had never lived with the challenge she wanted to portray. Her knowledge of Iran was limited to some articles she had found on the internet, something to which she herself confessed. Her movie script and story were weak. Without the use of emotion in her story, her film likely wouldn’t have received any attention worldwide.

I implore western viewers not to judge Iran by such works.

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