Dodge And Burn

The Dodge And Burn is a technique using in Photoshop in order to darken and lighten some part of images to increase the contrast. For this reason you should create an empty layer with overlay blending mode and get the brush tool and make opacity and flow for 23 percent. Then with black brush and white brush paint on spots which are dark or white to emphasize the dark part and white part. Here you can see some pictures which I took from my friendand apply this approach.

Lightning Speed

To start out, duplicate the background layer by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + J. Next, desaturate that layer by pressing Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + U. On that layer, change the blending mode to Vivid Light.

Now, go to Filter -> Other -> High Pass. This is the same technique you would use to sharpen an image; the only difference is that we are going to bring the radius very far up. This focuses on the details in a broader way.

At first, this effect will probably be much too intense. So, to have more control, create a layer mask and then paint back in what you want to be visible. You can also change the blend mode to something like Soft Light if you want a more subtle look.

That’s all it takes to dodge and burn quickly in Photoshop!

Dodge And Burn

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