Isfahan Trip

Isfahan Trip was a bounding experience for me with some friends and three Germans who followed us and we had a very good time there. During the trip we visited 40 Sotoon and Naghshe Jahan which was very awesome and Germans really liked to see the Persian city structure at that time and they bought some traditional stuff from Naghshe Jahan bazaar. Naghshe Jahan is a very big square in the middle of Isfahan city which was used by Safavian king to hold a public speech or a Friday pray. After that, we went to a very special cafe fulled by all old stuff which I attached in the gallery and guys had a dragon blowing competition. Pigeon tower was also a very special place which was on the way to visit. Back in time Persian used this tower to collect birds shit in order to use it in agriculture. The tower had three floors and some special windows to give the right environment to the birds. Also 40 Sotoon  is very famous for it’s beautiful roof top and paints on the walls. 

Isfahan Trip

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