day was young and night was long
tomorrow again came like a song

drawer glide the pen on his paper
waited while staring at nowhere

His heart beating in the silence
Taking him into a holy madness
Which Covered by full of empty space

hundred years reach the end
the joy of untouched tempt
in lined wind over the kabra mountain
carrying the story of so many years

seeking endless on thoughts
Some visions began to start

kissing your lips into my arms
and thousand more which crossed my mind
It was like an unwritten poem
poem which i know its sounds

You liked to stop the time
Holding her into your arm
Drinking wine till the morning
Morning which the Bird love is singing
Singing the song of freedom

Saying you must let her to fly
Fly where the love is never dai

Hundred years reach the end
The joy of untouched tempt

Listen his heart to these thoughts
drawer start to draw something nice
some straight lines to right
some lines to left and a circle after right

cut lines was the start
The start which end after its fight
bent lines were the emotions
The courage born of love , fears and lies

sound of silence was knocking his heart
Drawer start to watch what he is drawed

Hundred years reach the end
the joy of untouched tempt

Baby i touched your soul
There is nothing to tell more


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