Tomorrow ,
we go under the sky,
Open your eyes
We walk under the warm sunshine While the kid is smiling behind the window,
I take your hand and show you the beauties,
Nature is speaking with you clearly,
Sharpen your ear,

Take a dream on your head and match your thoughts with your heart beats,
Then you see some images which start to talk,
Don’t judge about them my dear,

For each image there is a feeling which is hidden but is your inner whisper,
They are real, believe them,
Be aware of how they make your identity,
Don’t fight with them,

Just realize how they make someone else in you,
Then you can understand them,
From all of them , those beautiful images are your dreams,
Watch them carefully,
Trust the miracle of sky’s power,
Someday All of them Will Be Yours,

Be relax,
You are not alone,
I’m here,
Sunshine has warmed us up,
And we laugh,


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