You are with me tonight.
And i’m far of my fight.
We allow to count the stars.
And this is what we want .

If every thing seems not to be right.
We want them from our heart.
To drown into our dreams.
To feel the joy of drums.

If the night is not that much long.
I will keep u into my arms.
If this love is full of sense.
This is out of every harms.

If the world wants to hide you.
I will search till to find you.

If the fate is unknown.
I am the soldier of fortune.

Love is our existence.
Keep me out of distance.
Hold me .
Drown me into your eyes.
Dance with me.
Fly me into your sky.

My head is dizzy .
This is so crazy.

I want you.
Since the time i found you.


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