V-Flats Photography

When I started my professional career and using many tools and lightening techniques, V-Flats Photography has been a big mystery to me. I search this term in Google and YouTube to find out some ideas ,But the result was disappointing me. So I decided to test this method and evaluate the outcome. After searching the whole Tehran Bazzar and test many materials, I came up with unolit. Although the best choice was foam board, but I could not find the big size of this board in Tehran , So I decided to use a very cheap unolit which you can find almost in every Retail Building Materials Store with different size and different colors. For better result you can buy the small foam board and stick them on your unolit .

V-Flats photography


The benefits of  V-Flats Photography

V-Flats are not only great for bouncing light and cutting light, but they are also great for building a set or using as a background. The matte white bounces light and is non-reflective, so it can be used as a solid seamless background resembling Savage paper. The black matte is great for cutting light and flagging light. I also use the black V-Flats for background for not only my photos, but also for any live webcasts and podcasts.

V-Flats Photography


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