Khodamehri Mental Care

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Who Is Reza Khodamehri?

Reza Khodamehri is a hypnotherapist and researcher in the field of mental health. He began his career as a professional hypnotherapist in Berlin, Germany, after completing a professional hypnotherapy course under the teachings of Gerald Kein.

Ready to start learning more about yourself?

Just follow the 4 steps below…

Step1: Curiosity

Learning always starts with curiosity, the desire to reach a certain goal or by having a problem that we want to solve.

Step2: Questions

Asking the right questions. It could be everything, beliefs, or emotions, or any wishes.

Step3: Learning

To understand the fundamentals of things which you want to learn about yourself and have a good overview of them.

Step4: Applying

Applying and applying and applying till you create and deliver value for yourself and your family.