Stop Premature Ejaculation with Self Hypnosis


  • Prevent premature ejaculation
  • Conditioning the mind
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  • Impact for the rest of your life
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Hypnosis for stopping premature ejaculation

The problem of premature ejaculation is almost always an issue in sex life.

But we know that the subconscious mind learns things very quickly. This includes also stopping premature ejaculation. And Yes, by training the subconscious mind with the right hypnosis techniques, We are able to stop premature ejaculation for the rest of your life. Hypnosis is very powerful and self hypnosis works great if used correctly.

In this self hypnosis file, I want to reprogram your mind again to teach him how to stop premature ejaculation.

For this purpose, I want you to read this premature ejaculation treatment article carefully and follow all suggested approaches.

What is hypnosis?

I wrote a long article about hypnosis that you can read in my blog. Understanding the fundamentals of hypnosis can considerably make this self hypnosis file more effective.

In this article, you will read about the reality of hypnosis and how it can treat mental disorders.

Premature Ejaculation from when?

Most young boys have had the experience of masturbating in their sex life. Masturbating is an enjoyable experience, and of course, it is an experience that young boys and men have in private. As a young man, you may have had this experience. Most men have. Perhaps, back then, the more quickly you could ejaculate the better.

Perhaps, privacy was not assured. But in any case, for one reason or another, there came a time, where the idea, or the thought that it was in your best interest that you ejaculate quickly, was accepted. Perhaps you had an experience where if you did not ejaculate quickly, you would not have the opportunity to ejaculate at all.

Result of speed

After that, quick ejaculation became an unconscious habit. We are all creatures of habit. And, with repetition, we can easily be conditioned. Conditioning works especially well when training the unconscious parts of the mind. This part of our mind controls our automatic body functions, such as breathing, heart rate, and ejaculation among other things.

The law of conditioning

There are mountains of scientific research demonstrating how this is true. One of the very earliest examples of this kind of autonomic conditioning is called classical conditioning. It was discovered many years ago when a Russian named Dr. Ivan Pavlov was doing research on the digestive system.

In order to do his research, he used saliva from dogs that he kept near his laboratory. Day after day, Dr. Pavlov would go to the kennels where the dogs were and collect samples of saliva from the dogs by giving them small morsels, which would cause the dogs to salivate.

After a while, an interesting thing began to occur. Pretty soon, the dogs began to salivate, before he gave them the morsels. What happened was, the dogs could hear him coming down the hall and because the dogs have excellent hearing, they were able to distinguish his footsteps from all other footsteps. The dogs became conditioned to hearing his footsteps and getting the morsel of food, which caused the salivation.

After some practice, the association of the sound of Dr. Pavlov’s boots, and the salivation became strongly connected in the nervous systems of the animals. The unconscious response of salivation became automatic. Humans and dogs can’t salivate on purpose.
This idea of conditioning works for all creatures with central nervous systems. Volumes and volumes of scientific research have shown that it works just as well, if not better, with human beings.

There is an interesting aspect to classical conditioning. That is, this conditioned response is not under the control of the conscious mind. It happens below consciousness, what we call the subconscious and unconscious functions of the mind.

The good news is that, just as the automatic functions of the mind (also known as the unconscious functions of the mind) can be trained by classical conditioning; it is always ready to be retrained.

In this stopping premature ejaculation self hypnosis audio file, I tried to change the pattern of the mind that is responsible for premature ejaculation. You can listen to this premature ejaculation self-hypnosis file along with doing the stop / start exercise which I described in the Premature ejaculation treatment article.

Hypnosis is very powerful for study improvement. Look at this video.

As you can see in this video, I hypnotized a girl in a German language classroom in Bremen, Germany.

This girl had a lot of stress for exam day, which caused her to lose her concentration in class.  With just one session of hypnosis even in front of her other classmates, I was able to eliminate her fear and replace it with hope, self-confidence, and memory improvement.

I also gave her a few more beneficial suggestions in order to increase her motivation and boost her confidence.

After this simple study improvement session finally, she passed the B2 exam with a good score.

Or look at this video:

In this video, one of the students wanted to relive some of his old good memories. With just a rapid induction I was able to let him relive again all good memories. You see. Hypnosis is awesome to retrieve all information from the subconscious mind or to program the bad habits and turn them into a wanted behavior.

Hypnosis also works great for Stopping premature ejaculation. You can buy this product and be in touch with me. I try my best to guide you through this hypnosis journey.

You can contact me through my email:

See you then


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