Erectile dysfunction treatment with self hypnosis


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Self-hypnosis training for Erectile dysfunction

The self-hypnosis component for ED is devised to reduce performance anxiety, increase self-confidence, and counter negative
rumination (negative self-hypnosis) and facilitate the transfer of skills to real situations.

Based on psychophysiological studies of males with erectile dysfunction, Barlow and associates (Barlow, Sakheim & Beck, 1983; Cranston-Cuebas & Barlow, 1990) have suggested that it is not anxiety that is responsible for the psychological component of erectile dysfunction, but the associated effects of cognitive distraction.

Thus the physiological concomitants of anxiety appear to be less important than the effects of performance demand or cognitive distraction in
males with Erectile dysfunction (Rosen, 2007). Therefore it is important to focus on the cognitive aspects of performance anxiety.

In this self-hypnosis file, I tried to work on this aspect to manage pleasure distraction and as a result less anxiety.